Funeral songs from theater performance by Laboratorium Pieśni / Song Laboratory ‘Puste Noce – Pieśni, które już się kończą’ (‘Empty nights – songs that have come to an end’).

 ‘Puste noce’ / ‘Empty nights’ is a dissappearing ritual of singing all night over the body of the deceased loved one, with all gathered relatives. This album is an attempt to present most interesing Polish and Ukrainian funeral songs, to capture the essence of mourning and remind old methods to ease the pain and fear of death. The theater play (and now – also this CD) is based on a field research, conducted from 2013 in Kashubia (region in northern Poland).

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Recording: SL Sound Studio – Marek Heimbürger

Mix&mastering: Marek Heimbürger

Photos: Dawid Linkowski (

Graphics: Magdalena Czajka (

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