Puste Noce - Pieśni, które już się kończą / Empty Nights - Songs that have come to an end

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre (phot. Dawid Linkowski)

 ‘Pusta noc’ (literally: ‘Empty night’) is an evening before the funeral of a loved one, when relatives gather, pray the Rosary and sing all night over the body of the deceased. The play ‘Puste Noce – Pieśni, które już się kończą’ (Empty Nights – Songs that have come to an end) is a unique miniature of this rite, presenting the most interesting funeral songs, illustrated by cheironomy, movement and dance. It is an attempt to capture the essence of mourning, to remind old methods to ease the pain and fear of death. The play is based on field research, conducted in 2013 in Kashubia (region in northern Poland). The main inspiration was meeting people of ‘disappearing world’, who shared their unique stories about the living, the dead and the songs that ‘are coming to an end’.

Concept, direction: Alina Jurczyszyn / Traditional music arranged by Kamila Bigus and Laboratorium Pieśni / Voice: Alina Jurczyszyn, Kamila Bigus, Lila Schally-Kacprzak, Iwona Majszyk / Choreography, dance: Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski, Maria Miotk, Katarzyna Wyborska / Excerpts from the film ‘Ze śmiercią na Ty’ dir. Ewelina Karczewska

Premiere: 30.11.2014, Klub ŻAK (Gdańsk, Poland) / 50 min.