There is a song that is always waiting for you. It reminds you of the simplest things. Open your heart, expand your understanding, open yourself to the primal memory of who you really are. You are the song and the song is you. Take a deep breath and release it. It will become a wild river that will fill your life, taking you to the source.
This song is your life.

Our Tribe! We intive you to the world of our newest “Hé oyáte” album, filled with polyphonic traditional songs of different cultures, as well as original intuitive compositions in dreamed up words, melodies and stories, in the rhythm of shamanic drums, nature sounds and Earth’s pulse.



okładka w kwadracie wkładka 1 wkładka 2

Laboratorium Pieśni / Song Laboratory:

Alina Jurczyszyn – vocal, shamanic drum, percussion instruments
Kamila Bigus – vocal, shamanic drum, Iranian daf, violin
Lila Bosowska – vocal, shamanic drum, percussion instruments
Iwona Bajger – vocal
Alina Klebba – vocal, percussion instruments
Magda Jurczyszyn-Turło – vocal, Egyptian tambourine, percussion instruments
Stawiszyńska-Wiatrow – vocal, shruti box


special guest: Bart Pałyga (track 1)

recorded at Custom34 Studio (Gdańsk, Poland)

recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Piotr Łukaszewski

assistant of the producer: Krzysztof Szabowski

photos: Anna Maria Biniecka

cover design&artwork: Kamila Bigus (My gold medicine), Czarli Bajka

record label: Agencja Perspektywy


See you at our concerts!